Growth Chambers
Research under controlled growing conditions
Growth Chambers

PSI FytoScopes are growth chambers that provide defined environment for controlled plant growing. They are manufactured in several versions that differ in
size - from small, space-saving models to large, step-in or walk-in units. All FytoScopes are equipped with a programmable controller that enables customers to create programs and to automate changes to operating parameters - timing, light, temperature, and, humidity. All FytoScopes may be furnished with an additional fluorescence module measuring main fluorescence parameters. Reach-in, step-in and walk-in FytoScopes enable maintaining controlled growing conditions of temperature and humidity with independent selection of photoperiods. Controlled parameters are: temperature, humidity and illumination with independent selection of photoperiods. A full range of "day/night" cycles with "dawn/dusk" and "cloudy sky" effects can be programmed. They may be used for growing of diverse plants: from Arabidopsis to wheat, corn or rice. For user convenience both actual inside conditions and target values for temperature, lighting and relative humidity are permanently displayed on the touch screen controller, which is conveniently situated on the front side of the FytoScope. The controller allows a wide range of user programmable options to be selected. Temperature, humidity or day/night timing can be set at the touch of a button. Displayed is also graphical representation of conditions inside the FytoScope. All data can be downloaded to a PC via the USB cable.

Product Highlights:

  • LED technology with minimum undesirable plant heating
  • High light intensity
  • Independently programmable light composition and timing
  • Rapid modulation of light - irradiance flecks simulation and precise adjustment of the light intensity in the range of 1 % to 100 %
  • Full-spectrum colors from 480 nm to 735 nm, with optional UVA and IR
  • Variety of interior growing space: from minimum footprint models to walk-in units
  • Optional modules for humidity regulation and fluorescence measurements
  • User-friendly protocol programming via a touch panel